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A dental filling can often be used to repair a minor physical defect or small cavity that affects a tooth’s enamel layer. They are commonly made from materials like gold alloy, porcelain-ceramic, composite resin, or metallic amalgam.

One the dental filling has been married to the surrounding tooth enamel it will withstand the rigors of biting and chewing food for many years. Good oral hygiene practices will help to maintain this strong relationship.

If you struggle to brush each morning or night, or you are inconsistent with your daily flossing the chronic presence of plaque in your mouth could start to demineralize your tooth enamel. As time goes on this could start to degrade the once strong relationship between the dental filling material and the surrounding tooth enamel.

If one of your dental fillings falls out, the compromised structure of the tooth could quickly lead to a severe dental fracture. Even if the tooth remains strong, the aberrant texture of the exposed tooth enamel could trap bacterial deposits that foster a severe cavity.

The size and location of the void left by a missing dental filling will influence the treatment method Dr. Chiru and Dr. Suryadevara present to you.

If the void left by the missing filling is small, they might be able to apply a new dental filling to repair the area. This will require removing a small amount of additional tooth enamel to ensure a clean surface to bond the new dental filling.

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