Dentures are a traditional and effective way that patients can renew their lifestyle and confidence by replacing missing teeth. At Complete Dental of Suwanee, we offer many types of dentures, including full and partial removable dentures; each type of dentures offers their own unique benefits and maintenance requirements, and our dentist can help you know which type is right for you. Please click on the links below to learn more about these life-changing appliances:

Our team is dedicated to catering to the many different needs their patients may have, including for dentures. With our restorative, teeth-replacement options listed above, we can provide care that is as unique as you are. Your comfort and concerns are the most important aspects we consider when providing you with possible treatment options.

We understand that the mobility, appearance, comfort, and maintenance of your dentures are a main concern and the result is different with every type of denture. During your consultation with Dr. Chiru, these factors are discussed fully and understandably. With proper education and information, you can feel empowered in the decisions you make regarding your dental care. Please contact our team at 678-377-6453 if you have any questions or would like to arrange your visit soon.