For possibly discomforting procedures, our dentist can provide our patients with the most appropriate and effective pain relievers. If it is best to prepare a local area for anesthesia, then we may recommend Lidocaine or Novacaine as a numbing shot that is often used in many dental procedures. To reduce and possibly eliminate any pain, we are happy to provide local anesthesia in Suwanee, Georgia.

There are two kinds of numbing injections that our doctors can use. The first is a “block” injection, which numbs an entire region of a patient’s mouth, such as one side of a lower jaw. The second option is an “infiltration” injection that numbs a smaller area, such as where the injection was given. If a patient needs a local anesthetic, Dr. Chiru will dry the treated area of the mouth with air or cotton; next, they will use a numbing gel to make it so you do not feel the needle. Local injections conventionally last a few hours and can make it difficult to speak clearly or eat. There are a few precautions to consider when receiving local anesthesia, which include:

  • A possible allergic reaction
  • Effects from prescription drugs
  • Any heart conditions

For more information, or to ask any questions about local anesthesia, please contact us at 678-377-6453. We hope to see you soon at Complete Dental of Suwanee.