Educate Yourself About Dental Anxiety

If you ever have any questions about your oral health care or any concerns about visiting your dentist, always make sure to express them directly to your dentist. By not treating these issues or letting concerns go by the wayside, you could be putting your smile at risk. Many individuals... Read more »

Multiple Knocked Out Teeth Might Be Replaced With a Removable Partial Denture

Contact sports and automobile collisions can sometimes impact the mouth with extreme force. The resulting oral trauma can cause severe harm to teeth, gums and soft oral tissues. Emergency treatment in some of these instances might involve extracting the traumatized teeth and suturing the gums. After all the wounded oral... Read more »

Oral Hygiene Improvements: Dry Mouth Prevention

Have you ever suffered from a lack of saliva in your mouth? If so, what you had was also known as dry mouth. This condition is often caused by a side effect of medications you may be taking, so taking products such as painkillers, diuretics, antihistamines and decongestants can leave... Read more »

The Answers to Questions About Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are top-notch restorations that can help your teeth, smile and oral health more than you might understand. If you have questions about these restorations, our dentists, Drs. Chiru and Suryadevara, are happy to help you. To give you the answers you need, they are happy to answer commonly... Read more »

Winter Tips for a Healthy Smile

The winter season is a great time for holiday celebrations, cuddling up next to the fire, and watching holiday movies. It’s also a great time to care for the teeth, gums, and smile. In fact, if you keep your oral health in tip-top shape, you can have a healthy smile... Read more »

Properly Caring For Your Temporary Crown Can Enhance Your Restorative Treatment

Please remember that your temporary dental crown is only meant to protect the vulnerable abutment while our dentist works on placing the permanent dental crown, and is not intended to return your tooth to its original function and integrity. By taking proper care of the temporary dental crown, you can... Read more »

A Tooth With a Missing Dental Filling Needs to Be Treated Before a Severe Cavity Forms

A dental filling can often be used to repair a minor physical defect or small cavity that affects a tooth’s enamel layer. They are commonly made from materials like gold alloy, porcelain-ceramic, composite resin, or metallic amalgam. One the dental filling has been married to the surrounding tooth enamel it... Read more »

Toothpaste Can Include Special Additives

The American Dental Association advises people to brush their teeth twice each day, while also remembering to thoroughly floss between their teeth and along the gumline at least once per day. This daily oral hygiene routine should remove most traces of plaque, a sugar residue, and food particles from your... Read more »

Solutions to the Bruxism Problem

Teeth Grinding Teeth grinding, which is also referred to as bruxism, refers to the clenching of the teeth together tightly or rubbing them against each other. Many people grind their teeth from time to time, but for some, the severity is such that their oral health could be harmed. Teeth... Read more »

New to Dentures?

If you have never worn dentures before, you should expect a period of adjustment. This is particularly true if you have been living with missing teeth for some time. If you have been compensating for lost teeth when you have been eating or speaking, the presence of dentures in your... Read more »