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If you have never worn dentures before, you should expect a period of adjustment. This is particularly true if you have been living with missing teeth for some time. If you have been compensating for lost teeth when you have been eating or speaking, the presence of dentures in your mouth, as well as full smile may take you by surprise.

Don’t be surprised if your mouth creates more saliva in reaction to your dentures. They may feel strange at first, but if you feel pain or pressure, you should have your dentist adjust them. It may take some practice to put them in and take them out of your mouth. Eating while wearing your dentures may present a challenge so try cutting your food into small pieces, or into long strips and chewing it on both sides of your mouth. If you have difficulty pronouncing some words, you may want to practice speaking them, or try speaking them slowly.

Although your dentures are not your natural teeth, they will still accumulate food debris during the day, and will need to be cleaned every night. To clean your dentures, wash them gently with dish soap, hand soap or a toothpaste formulated to clean dentures. Do not use regular toothpaste since it may contain abrasives that will damage your dentures. Use a soft bristled-toothbrush or a denture brush, and clean your dentures over a towel or a sink filled with water to reduce the chances of breaking them if you drop them. Placing your dentures in a soaking solution will not only keep them moist so that they will retain their shape, but will also help to clean them.

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