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Cavity prevention is a key benefit of proper oral health care. If you allow cavities to develop, it can lead to eventual tooth loss. A cavity forms when dental erosion eats through your tooth enamel to appoint a hole has formed. To help combat cavities, always seek out healthy food options and a healthy oral hygiene plan.

To ensure your smiles receives the care it deserves, beware of oral health risks in your life and take the necessary steps to keep your teeth and gums safe. If for any reason your teeth are not given the appropriate treatments, it could lead to issues with your tooth enamel such as cavities. To help treat cavities, try brushing twice daily and flossing once-daily with effective nonabrasive tools that can easily remove debris and plaque buildup in your mouth. For additional you’re your oral health care, be sure to visit our dentist for regular checkups, restorations and repairs as needed. You may also want to assess your diet and eliminate any products that can easily lead to cavities, such as those packed with harmful ingredients like sugars or starches.

Now is the best time to visit the dental office of Complete Dental of Suwanee for cavity prevention and treatments. Dr. Neelima Chiru and Dr. Ramakumar Suryadevara at our office in Suwanee, Georgia, are here to ensure you receive the dental filling treatments to keep your smile in peak condition. We can be reached by contacting us at 678-377-6453.