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Please remember that your temporary dental crown is only meant to protect the vulnerable abutment while our dentist works on placing the permanent dental crown, and is not intended to return your tooth to its original function and integrity. By taking proper care of the temporary dental crown, you can better protect your smile and keep it optimal for the final restoration.

A damaged, loose, or missing crown leaves that area of your smile vulnerable to decay and further damage, with the risk of significant dental complications. At Complete Dental of Suwanee, we can offer tips on how to care for a temporary dental crown and keep it in good shape.

Avoid chewy foods such as sticky candy and gum, especially on the treated side of your mouth so that the crown isn’t pulled loose by the suction. Similarly, if you eat crunchy or hard foods, you risk cracking the plastic and damaging the abutment.

Also, healthy gums keep the foundation comfortable and stable when it’s time to place the permanent crown. We encourage you to continue brushing and flossing your teeth, especially around the temporary dental crown, so that all deposits of plaque or food particles are removed. If you struggle with flossing effectively, ask our dentist about using waxed dental floss so that the way coating can easily slip in and around the temporary dental crown.

Concerns regarding your temporary crown can be addressed at Complete Dental of Suwanee. Please feel free to give Dr. Neelima Chiru and Dr. Suryadevara, and our team a call at 678-377-6453 right away to learn more about your temporary dental crown in Suwanee, Georgia.